Google has announced it is rolling out a new service for Android users. It will now be enough for users to tweet when they need help.


You no longer have to do Google-Deep searches when you have a question about your Android device. That's because the tech giant has announced a new solution that could be faster for its users. Now tweeting questions or questions about your device will help you get automatic help, the official announcement via Twitter said. Let's also note that you should add the phrase #AndroidHelp to your tweet. On the other hand, we have some small question marks about the scope of this service.

The official description feature of the automated Google service for Android users says: “Do you have a question about Android? We're here to help. You can now get help with tweets you've posted using the hashtag #AndroidHelp.” For now, we are not sure that this feature, which only offers English support, is working at full capacity. Below the announcement tweet, there are many unanswered questions with this hashtag. The Hashtag appears to answer questions that could have been answered more simply and automatically in the first place. Of course, the users ' weighted questions have already been about when their device will get Android 10. At this point, we think that Google, in partnership with other developers, may also specify update dates more clearly in the later times under this hashtag. We will see how extensively the feature will work in the coming days.