Developed Artificial Intelligence Program Capable Of Highly Realistic Sky Manipulation

Developed Artificial Intelligence Program Capable Of Highly Realistic Sky Manipulation


An artificial intelligence researcher from the University of Michigan managed to manipulate the sky in videos with the artificial intelligence program he developed. The Program can do many things, from adding spaceships to the sky to changing weather conditions.

Artificial intelligence and applications connected to artificial intelligence are evolving and becoming more and more impressive every day. For example, although it is not always used for good purposes, 'Deepfake' is very impressive and successful.

Again, we are facing an artificial intelligence application, but this one is much different than manipulating faces. This time the sky in the videos is being manipulated using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can add spaceships, flying castles and huge planets by adjusting the light conditions in the sky featured in the videos.

Sky manipulation in videos with artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence tool, developed by Zhengxia Zou, who studies artificial intelligence at the University of Michigan, offers "Dynamic Sky change." Zou says that the program he developed can make Sky changes and harmonizations quite realistically.

The program Zou developed uses neural networks, an algorithm that collects relevant patterns from large data sets. In other words, to put it more simply, the sky change program learns how the sky is in videos, can detect and track. He can then use these patterns that he collects to change the sky.

The Program doesn't just add flying objects or planets to the sky. As you can see at the end of the video above, it also manages to do a pretty impressive job with the dynamic sky lit by lightning. According to Nerdist, the most critical detail in Zou's program is that it is completely image-based. So all the program needs to do editing is source video.

The artificial intelligence program developed by Zou can be used in many different areas. Although a kind of social media app first comes to mind, Zou says it can also be used to train driverless cars.

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