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Sports Technologies


Gill Athletics OTE Composite FX carbon-aluminum Javelin

Perhaps one of the most dangerous sports among Olympic sports is javelin throw. As a result of a moment's loss of attention, unwanted accidents can occur. But the fact that it is one of the most established sports continues to place the javelin throw among the Olympic Games. For the sport of javelin throwing, which has existed since the beginning in the 102-year Olympic history, it should not be easy to develop a new technology. However, technology has also gained its place in this sport.

Carbon-fiber mix Javelins can now be used in javelin throw competitions at the Olympics. In this way, the friction between the air and the spear decreases even more, allowing the javelin to go further. It also prevents the javelin from vibrating in the air.

Nike Ippeas Riding Shoe

Equestrian is another well-established sport. Equestrian, which takes part in the Olympics, is also one of the sports that does not benefit from technology one-on-one. Because in this sport, the priority is in horses, before jockeys. Therefore, every technological development that can be added loses its importance. Ippeas, developed by Nike, gives jockeys a great chance to use their feet more effectively. Its base, which prevents wear, prevents jockeys from having problems on the saddle.

Mizuno Frenzy 120 Rb500 carbon-Fiber stick

Softball is a game that is very similar to baseball, played with a different ball and a few different rules. Olympic history is only 12 years old. In softball, which entered the Olympic arena for the first time with the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, we have been witnessing the superiority of the United States for many years. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, that changed a little, and we had a chance to effectively watch China and Australia.

Softball is played with a stick of metal mixture. At the 2008 Olympics, a carbon-Fiber mixed stick from a company called Mizuno was used for the first time. The stick, called the Frenzy 120 RB500, has been tested since early 2008 and was deemed suitable for softball. Although it is heavy in Fiber structure, the stick, which can be made to hit the ball more effectively, received a passing grade from the Olympic Committee.

Nike Aerographics Jersey

Among the Olympic Games, another sport that the United States has excelled in for many years is undoubtedly basketball. Every year, America, which knows how to win a gold medal even if it doesn't participate in the NBA's superstars, also makes its name with the jerseys worn by its athletes. The Jersey, developed by Nike and called the Aerographics Jersey, controls the flow of air between the skin and the air, preventing the jersey from adding weight to the athlete.

In short, you feel like you're not wearing the jersey. This reduces the weight of a basketball player who sweats during a competition by 30%. In this way, you have the opportunity to demonstrate a more effective game. The jersey also fills the eyes with its design.

Adidas Lone Star Shoes

In NASCAR races, cars race in a more improved way on the left turn than on the right turn. That's because NASCAR racetracks can only turn left. On the ellipse-shaped track, there is no bend to the right. Therefore, there is no need for any add-ons that will increase the road grip of the car on the right turn. Why can't the same logic be in running races? As we all know, there are no right and left corners in running races.

The Lone Star, developed by Adidas, is a running shoe built with just that logic. Jeremy Wariner, who has been analyzing 400 meter running races for years, developed this technique as a result of these analyses. In running races, the left foot allows the body to stand more stable, while acceleration and attacks are performed with the right foot. Therefore, when running to the left, there may be balance problems. Lone Star's goal is to avoid it.

The Future Of Technology

In this way, the technological products that are already used in the world of sports. The fact is, no matter how much technology is included in sports, athletes should come to the fore with their personal abilities. If any first place is not spoken of by the personal abilities of the first athlete, but by the advanced technology of the equipment, nothing should be expected from that first place.

So what technological innovations await the world of sports? The Institute of Sports Technology in the UK has dozens of projects on the subject. But we don't know which one is used in an Olympic or similar giant organization. Sports Institute of technology projects include advanced horseshoes to be added to horses ' hooves for use in riding, a ball with improved aerodynamics for sports played with a ball, a racquet that will increase the response when hitting a tennis ball. 

Football And Technology

The most popular sport in our country is undoubtedly football. We think the number of people who are not interested in football remains very small when we rate it overall. So we have to improve our knowledge of football technologies. In this way, we can enjoy more football in the coming years.

We are no stranger to the technologies used in football. Every 4 years, the World Cup and the European Football Championship come up with innovations every time. These innovations are sometimes related to the football being played, while sometimes they are related to the grass of the stadium. Grass in a stadium is one of the most important factors for football players. Playing football on heavy ground is one of the hardest jobs in the world. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to equip the grass infrastructure with advanced technology.

Football and Technology II

Also, the positioning of the cameras in the stadium is quite important. Although this is more aimed at improving the pleasure of cruising, we have no doubt that watching a football match with beautiful camera angles is more enjoyable. Referees also need to follow the technology. It is an extremely positive development that the referees in the competition use a duo of headphones and microphones to communicate with each other at all times.

In addition, there are technological advances that have divided football fans in two as to whether they should be integrated into football. For example, sensors that pinpoint offside are one of the new sports technologies of recent times. In addition, a number of improvements that serve to determine whether the ball crosses the line continue to be discussed. These improvements can be made thanks to a system that will be integrated into the football, or technologies that are set up to detect the ball at the edges of the line.

Basketball And Technology

Speaking of basketball, it's a little different than football. The NBA, the National Basketball League of the United States, is a league that is followed not only in the United States, but around the world. In addition to their sportsmanship, the players of this league talk about their showmanship on the field. I mean, a little bit of business has shifted to show business. So NBA officials have to offer the audience better at any moment.

This necessity shows how well things are going when they are studied technologically. But technological advances are not just happening on the American continent. FIBA has many studies on the subject. Basketball players ' jerseys are prepared by world-famous sportswear companies using special technologies.

Basketball and Technology II

Honeycombs on basketballs are another object that uses the latest technology in terms of their materials. The ball bounces back, interacting with the parquet as it bounces everywhere, thanks to its special technology, it draws a harder rebound, but a smoother direction than this. When they are sent to the Crucible, they have a movement that tends not to get curved on an indoor sports field thanks to the material used again.

The NBA has a blog on technology prepared by Cisco. Here you can find a lot of things from technology conversations with NBA players,including technological advances.

Running Technologies

Running races are one of the sports that have become very popular in our country recently. Süreyya Ayhan and Elvan Abeylegesse, who successfully represented our country in the international arena for a period, have made us more interested in running races in the country.

If we're going to talk about a world-famous name in running races, almost everyone will think of Usain Bolt. Although he has a more giant size than other runners, Usain bolt, called the son of the wind, is running from record to record. Of course, he achieves these things thanks to his own talent. But still, the equipment he used was specially prepared by Puma for Usain Bolt, and the athlete was almost everything.

For this topic, you can check out the blog Puma has prepared for the sport of running. Another Puma-related site opened on behalf of Usain Bolt, which has articles about running and Bolt, a site that promotes Jamaican culture in general.

Other Technologies

The technologies used in sporting events are not only materials that athletes can benefit from. If a user working in any business wants to watch sports competitions or car races from their home with high-level pleasure, the first technological tool they will deal with will be a Full HD television. In this way, the pleasure he gets from sports competition will also increase.

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