Is the mutated virus (Covid 20) deadly, its properties, what are its effects? Is it a good thing the virus mutated?

Is the mutated virus (Covid 20) deadly, its properties, what are its effects? Is it a good thing the virus mutated?


The mutating of the virus in the UK has alarmed the world and restrictions have been increased. All the details about the mutated virus have been examined. However, many people have started to reveal a lot of right and wrong things about this virus. So, what are the characteristics of the mutated virus, is it deadly, What are the effects?

Restrictions have been increased ahead of Christmas celebrations with the detection of a new coronavirus mutating in the UK, with many countries, including Turkey, banning travel from the UK.

Where did the mutated virus first appear?

The new type of virus was first detected in September. About a quarter of cases detected in London in November are linked to the new type of virus. That rate rose to two-thirds of cases in mid-December. Authorities have warned that the new species is spreading much faster.

What are the characteristics of the mutated virus?

- It's rapidly replacing other types of viruses.

- There are mutations that affect important areas of the virus.

- Some of these mutations have been shown in laboratory studies to increase the ability of the virus to affect cells.

- No evidence that it's more contagious, but more deadly.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said on Saturday that the new species could be up to 70 percent more contagious than the old one.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn said the new type of covid-19, which was discovered in the UK and has mutated, which is starting to spread very quickly, had no effect on the vaccine.

According to scientists, one of the biggest concerns about the mutations in question is the possibility that antibodies developed against earlier variants of the virus may not be effective on the mutated version.

Another species that has mutated is A222V. This is a mutation that is said to be linked to those holidaying in Spain and has spread to Europe.

What do mutations and variants mean?

Mutation and variant words mean change. A mutation or change is a permanent change in the DNA or RNA sequence within the genome of a living being. A mutated organism is called a mutant. Because of the harmful effects of mutations on genes, organisms have mechanisms such as DNA repair to remove mutations. According to recent research, the covid-19 virus has mutated and become more deadly.

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