What Is Barcode?

What Is Barcode?


 What is barcode? 

Barcodes are divided into 4 as 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D, and they consist of printed lines / bars and spaces.

How does barcode work?

To decrypt a barcode, it reads the width of the printed bars and the non-colored spaces between them with a laser or LED using a barcode reader / barcode scanner. This is done with reflections of light and dark distances. The scanner passes the character string, which can be numeric or alphanumeric, to an IT system. This can interpret and provide information encoded in the barcode. For this reason, the actual information in the barcode is very short and only one code.

Barcodes have a self-controlling structure, and this is possible by the same number of thin and thick bars per digit. Then self-control is performed by counting the rods. A check digit can also be used. For the most part, barcodes start with a start and end with a stop sign. The browser tells you where to start reading and where to end it. The check digit is placed before the stop sign. If the check digit matches the calculated digit of the decoder, the reading is successful, if not, an error is displayed.

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