Price of Google's new Android TV device 'Sabrina' revealed

Price of Google's new Android TV device 'Sabrina' revealed


The price of the new Android TV device, which has been rumored for some time under Google's code name Sabrina, has been revealed. Sabrina, which comes with two different price tags, will have an affordable price tag than expected in both circumstances. 

Earlier this year, there was talk that Google, one of the world's largest technology companies, would introduce a new Android TV device. But the intervening coronavirus pandemic, like many products, overshadowed the Android TV device codenamed ‘Sabrina’, and we were unable to get new information about the device's price or features.

We still don't have much information about Sabrina's features but we now know how it will go on sale with pricing. According to the price tag in the database of Home Depot, a US retail company, Google Sabrina will have a much more affordable price tag than thought.

Google's new Android TV device may be more affordable than thought

The Google Sabrina Android TV device will have an affordable price tag of $ 49.90, according to the product page at Home Depot. Although Home Depot immediately deleted the Sabrina page, the product page on Google cache reveals Sabrina's $ 49.90 price Day by day.

Moreover, the different screenshots shared about Google Sabrina also reveal the device's color options. Accordingly, Google's new Android TV device will be available in color options Rock Candy, Como Blue, Summer Melon. Interestingly, on another product page that appeared at Walmart, Sabrina's price is listed at $ 60.

Google's' Sabrina ' can be introduced with Pixel 5 Series

Google is expected to hold a new launch event called Made by Google in October and will promote its new products such as the Pixel 5 Series, Pixel 4a 5G, Nest Speaker. The company's new Android TV device is likely to appear at the same event.